Facilities - Mandala International Academy


At In Mandala International Academy we have unique facilities in we have unique facilities in Mexico
created with awareness thinking about the evolution of education and human being.

Architecture and Design

The Mandala International Academy architectonial concept was designed by experts from different parts of the world specialised in sacred geometry, feng shui, bioclimate, bioenergytical, pyramidology , self sustainability in order to harmonize, enhance and stimulate love, energy and learning. Each one of the spaces has been carefully designed so that students’ learning experiences are embedded internalized physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Areas for Activities and Services

● More than 16,000 m2 of green areas.
● Zen Garden.
● Urban vegetable garden.
● Sports courts.
● 10 geodesic domes for workshops on music, arts, quantum physics, radio booth, brain gymnastics, horticulture, astronomy, robotics.
● 2,500 m2 of playgrounds and tumblings.
● Auditorium-Gymnasium with a capacity of 400 people.
● Meditation pyramid of 1300 m2 x 27 meters high.
● 3 yoga and martial arts rooms.
● Roofed swimming pool of 400 m2.
● Audio in all areas that stimulate hz and solfeggios frequencies.
● Planetarium and Observatory.
● Library with 1200 m2.
● School transportation with Nanas on all routes, surveillance cameras and satellite monitoring.
● CCTV system covering all the facilities and an exclusive office for permanent monitoring.
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