Middle School - Mandala International Academy

Middle School

11 to 15 years – IMYC – Incorporated to the SEP

With a stimulating studies plan, of international-minded and focused on the concept, which helps to develop active and
committed students.

Middle School

11 to 15 years – IMYC – Incorporated to the SEP

With a stimulating studies plan, of international-minded and focused on the concept, which helps to develop active and committed students.

Conscious Education

Educating consciously is a daily practise and commitment that involves learning to understand, in the broadest possible way, what´s going on. This commitment takes us to contact deeply with the here and now, with what one is, feels and perceipts. This process makes necessary take the attention toward the outsie ( what the student thinks or dos, but also what he feels or needs) and towards the inside ( What I do, think, feel and need) That´s the key.

If we educate consciously, we connect with the feeling and needs behind each being, that the way by which we´ll realise why each students behaves in a different way. In Mandala International Academy, we know that consciousness can be incorporated into every aspect of the being, in a natural and organic way. Our classrooms are not the exception and these values are practised every day.

Academic Program

Affiliated to the IMYC

Mandala International Academy is member of the IMYC programme, the international curriculum of middle years for children aged between 11-14 years old. It´s used for more than 1000 teachers in 103 schools from 50 countries around the world, including Sweden, Sudan, Latvia, Malta, Laos, Indonesia and Turkey.

It´s a challenging study programme, with an international way of thinking and focused on the concept, which helps to develop active and commited students. With specific goals of personal learning and of subjects, it provides a clear structure to develop knowledges, skills and comprehension as well as it makes the learning of the subject be more connected.

Fundamental values of the Mandala Studies Program.

After a research of the most recent neuroscientific investigations, we can identify five key needs of the teenager braing. The elements developed in the Mandala study programme were specifically designed in order to suppor each one of them.

Our programme uses a curriculum design based on concepts, building units around the "great ideas" which help the students to interconnect all of their learning. We also use a specific learning process ( based on the way the brain learns) in all the subjects conciously. This helps the students to plan and to arrange, both regulated by the prefrontal cortex which matures in the teenager brain. The international learning goals are exclussive in our study programme and help young children to move forward towards a national, international and intercultural perspective every time more and more sophisticated. Each subject of the programme includes an aspect related to other countries, in order to help to develop a feeling of "international way of thinking".

The learning goals of the IMYC programme implemented in Mandala International Academy represent the necessary knowledge, skills and comprehension in all the subjects, as well as the development of personal disposals and a more international way of thinking. The learning goals of the subject IMYC were reported by 8 Curriculums in the whole world, which makes them easier to be adapted to the educative standards in Mexico.

The Big Idea

Training and continuous updating of teachers.

Bilingual and Multicultural teaching staff, that enriches the day to day life in Mandala.

School for Parents where resources of human, educational and holistic development are shared for the well-being and conscience of the Mandala family.

Human Development Program

The Mandala educative model allows their students to recognize their inner strength, control their minds and develop their perception, obtaining an emotional balance and purify the elements affecting the behaviour and the mental processes, encouraging always the respect towards the individuality and the creativity of anyone.
We have the commitment of offering the necessary space, means and accompaniment for the development of balanced, healthy and coordinated individuals. It´s our priority the development of the human being through deep and aware of learning experiences for the healthy development of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

After School

We have designed a series of educational experiences that have the purpose of developing skills, competencies and attitudes that favor the body conscience and development of consciousness.

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Teachers and Administrative

The Mandala human development plan integrates daily the training of our teacher and administrative personnel, through courses, workshops, techniques, integration trips, as well as a discipline in the culture of the school to turn them into coordinated and conscious human beings. In this way, each one of our elements perform a deep personal work, inner, in the goal of becoming a better version of themselves, and transmiting to the childre, through their personal experiences, their example and education.

Every day the Mandala team gathers to meditate and focus its purposes on a collective intention that potentializes its energy in the highest vibration that exists, which is the love.

School for Parents

Mandala International Academy has created a program that offers cutting-edge training to support parents in the education of their children. The goal is to promote conscious parenthood in conjunction with our values.

We offer new tools with topics such as: mindfulness, healthy nutrition, development of the emotional balance and the new conscious education.

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The architectonial concept was designed in tendences like feng shui, bioclimate, bioenergytical, self sustainability and sacred geometry, maximizing its benefits in order enhance and stimulate the learning process in students.
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