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Mandala Academy Philosophy

Mandala International Academy starts from the conception of the human being as an integral being, so that its educational practice finds its basis in the healthy and balanced development of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Balance, health and harmony.

The care of the body is essential for the human being and, with no doubt, it´s in the first years of life when the necessary habits to favour a healthy and balanced development are acquiered. Our goal is to accompany the student so he or she can take consciously the responsability of taking care and honouring the body by means of movement, rhythm, diet and sport.

Activities: Activities: Swimming, hiking in the forest, conscious alimentation, yoga, dancing, Chi Kung and NeuroMovement ®.


Reflective, creative and ordered.

It´s during the childhood when the human brain is more moldable and the new neurons establish connections to each other potentially, which allows the development of the mental functions. Our aim is offering the correct experiences that estimulate and develop mental skills for the thinking of the students.

Activities: Activities: Brain Gym®, research, mathematics, language and communication, music, philosophy for children and mindfulness.


Balance, clarity and expression.

The emotional development is highly essential for the progress of all the other abilities of the human being, balance favours mobility as well as the language and a formal way of thinking. Our goal is to be with the student and help him to recognize and understand his emotions, as well as teaching him to express them correctly and lived them in a balanced way.

Activities: Meditation, art and music.


Presence, conscience and intuition.

The kid´s spiritual conscience is lived naturally and our work as adults is being with them to live this aspect of their. Our goal is to favour those experience inviting him to live in this state of permanent connection.

Activities: Activities: Mindfulness, yoga, contact with nature, spirituality for children and education for The Peace.

Teacher Profile

The Mandala teacher is characterised by finding his mission of life in education, by having a great commitment to mankind and by believing that education is the only one way to cause a great transformation on a large scale.

The Mandala teacher is a human being who takes responsability for living a personal development process that leads him to turn into a better version of himself, aware of the fact that he will be the image his students will copy, admire and remember. Therefore, he is committed to the permanent training in academic issues in order to be always updated. It´s thoughful in his way of thinking, kind in his way of feeling and conscious in his acts.

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Student Profile

The Mandala student is characterised by his ability to value life and create an experience learning, wherever he looks for, experiments, discovers and builds. The Mandala student is creative in his way of thinking, balanced in his way of feelind and present in his actions.

The Mandala student has:

  • Consciousness about the needs of his body that takes care of it to keep it healthy, in balance and harmony.
  • A reflective mind, creative and ordered.
  • Clarity in expressing his emotions and regulates them in a balanced way.
  • Presence of spirit and sensitivity before his intuition.
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